Fashionable Plus Size Clothing and the Big Sexy

Buy Tamron AF 70-200mm f/2.8 – The Learning Channel (TLC) recently aired a series which revolved around five plus size women and their struggles, victories and adventures in the fashion industry. Big Sexy was a hit and for good reason. It took a candid look at the fashionable plus size clothing industry and how it affected the lives of the women involved in it. The last episode aired on September 13th with a photo shoot in Miami for one of the groups new line of bikinis and swimwear called, “Heather Feather: bikinis and bras for busty broads.” Nikki, a plus size model, agreed to wear a bikini for the shoot beside a size two model even though she had reservations about the shoot. As a fashionable plus size clothing model, Nikki has done her fair share of photo shoots, but had never modeled next to a straight size model and had never put on a bikini in her life. At the shoot she looked fabulous and was the confident curvy diva that carried herself with poise and grace.

After the shoot the girls headed to the beach and found some hunky college guys to play volleyball with. Audrey shared that she had been a varsity volleyball player and the guys were surprised they could all play so well. The show was entertaining and showed real moments of doubt and victory in the lives of the five women. Another example from the show involved the same episode where they were walking to the beach and a man in a sidewalk cafĂ© was yelling out derogatory comments to them. All of the women were wearing fashionable plus size clothing and looked as good as or better than the thinner women out and about, and they just played it off as ignorance. One of the girls said if she ran and hid every time she was hated on, she’d never go anywhere. The girls did have a good time at a Miami Beach bar. They were pulled up one by one on stage with the male dancers and looked like they were having a great time dancing with the hunky dancers.
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