Fashion’s Dirty Little Secret and Plus Size Clothing

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If you’ve ever wondered why most models are size 0-2 you may be surprised by one of the major reasons. It’s money. Yes, money. Strange as it may seem, it is the industry’s bottom line that rules the size choices. Here’s how it works. A sample is made of a new piece, and this sample is usually a size 0 or a size 2. It is cheaper for designers and fashion houses to produce a smaller size sample because it uses less fabric, takes less time to sew and takes less time to embellish. Now they want to take this sample to a runway show and have models walk with it on. Instead of making a new sample which reflects real women’s figures, they use tiny models to save even more money. Never mind that more than 15 percent of the women in Australia and the United States wear plus size clothing not size 0.

In fashion there can be many months between the concept and development of a piece of clothing and the actual manufacture of the clothing for retailers. Even then only a small lot is made to test the waters of a design. Plus size clothing designers are often on their own as far as making samples and finding models to wear their designs in shows. It is no secret that plus size clothing takes more fabric and time to produce, but women who wear plus sizes want and need samples and models that reflect how they will actually look in the designs. It is unrealistic to use money as an excuse for tiny models and tiny sample sizes. If the fashion industry would wake up to the potential market for plus sizes they would realize the money spent in development would be made back many times over.

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