Ordering Clothing Online

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I do a lot of writing and, consequently, a lot of research. It is an integral part of my job and is one of the parts I enjoy most. When I received the assignment to write about curvy clothing, I was quite intrigued because I am also on the big side. (I like to say “big-boned” but we all know what that means.) Anyhow, I was looking for a good angle to cover curvy clothing and was finding it a little difficult – after all there is truly a wealth of info out there. I considered writing a “How to” article about curvy clothing but felt that it had been done before so I decided to look into an aspect that I knew very little about – ordering curvy clothing online. I had never used an online clothing store so I was very interested to know how it worked.

Being used to going in and trying clothes on I was especially interested in finding out how it would feel to order something without having tried it on and put it to the “Best friend” test in the change rooms. Come to think of it, skipping the “best friend” test has its advantages – my best friend is a sweetheart and a master of the white lie. Anyhow, I’ll now take you through my experience so that you know what to expect.
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